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Welcome to the Ukraine 
Dear colleagues!
Welcome to Ukraine! Warm greetings from the Ukrainian tour operator Imperial Travel! 
Our travel agency was founded in 2005 as an international tour operator, which specializes in organizing group and individual tours to Europe and Asia, as well as organizing tours to Ukraine for foreign guests (license of tour operator AB No. 505813). 
The tour operator "Imperial Travel" is a member of the Hospitality Association of Ukraine, outside Ukraine has trusted partners in more than 20 countries, regularly participates in international tourist exhibitions.
The mission of the tour operator Imperial Travel on the organizing tours to Ukraine (incoming tour operator) is the popularization of the unique historical, cultural and natural heritage and tourism opportunities of Ukraine, hospitality of Ukrainian people, traditions and customs of Ukrainians.
         Ukraine is the land of Cossacks, brave and skillful riders, who guarded these lands from numerous invaders. Located at the intersection of the European and Eastern parts of the world, Ukraine is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. A rich architectural heritage, which includes ancient castles, grand cathedrals, magnificent palaces, memorials and constructions of socialist realism and other cultural monuments underscore the important historical role of our country. The original Ukrainian culture absorbed traditions and customs from many different corners of the world. Moreover, Ukraine attracts with a unique abundance of picturesque landscapes - from green hills and emerald Carpathian Mountains in the west to the endless dry steppes in the east, and from wooded valleys in the north to serene lakes and golden beaches in the south.
The tour operator Imperial Travelis for those who are interested in visiting Ukraine and wants to learn more about local culture, see tourist and historical attractions, giants of construction projects of Soviet Ukraine. We organize excursion tours in Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov! Our team is working to create safe, pleasant and fascinating trips around Ukraine as by minibuses for individual tourists, as well as by comfortable buses for groups of tourists, companies of friends and families wishing to discover Ukrainian miracles. You can choose one of the fixed tours on our website www.imperialtravel.biz or we will design an interesting tour under your request!
Why to travel around Ukraine with the tour operator Imperial Travel?

 1. Safety and comfort are the main requirement for each of our tours.
During the whole tour program your group or individual tourists will be accompanied by a representative of our company who will assist in all emerging issues. As a rule, tours are designed to avoid night trips by bus and that our guests have enough time for a good rest. The maximum distance for a single day of travel is 200-300 miles, including transfer with scheduled excursions, coffee breaks, lunches and dinners.
2. Flexibility is an essential part of the organization of individual tours around Ukraine by minibus, high-speed train between large cities (Intercity) or airplane.
3. We offer competitive prices. Discounts for hotel services we receive from our partners all around Ukraine, allow us to form a pleasant price of our tours.
4. We develop unique routes and find an individual approach to each group and individual tourists. Traveling by minibus or by comfortable bus for large groups gives the opportunity to view the sights on the way - and this is the best way to see different sides of Ukraine, understand local people and feel the spirit of the country. 

The average tour is 7-14 days, but we offer short tours of 3-4 days as well:
-  Group and individual tours to Ukraine
-  Excursion tours
- Combined tours Kiev-Odessa-Lviv
- Event tours
- Combined tours Ukraine - Spain, Ukraine - European capitals
- And tours of different subjects
 5. Welcome lunch in the Ukrainian restaurant and other surprises from our team.
All details of our fixed tours you can find on our website.
We invite everyone to Ukraine! Travel around Ukraine with the tour operator Imperial Travel and enjoy a great vacation!
Your partner in Ukraine Imperial Travel.
 ITB 2018  Tour operator Imperial travel official member in  
International Tourism Exhibition in Berlin, March 2018
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